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"I am a new business owner living in Ontario - close to 3000 miles from the creator of our web page.

I haven't the technical skills, knowledge or even the desire to create something as vital and visited as a web page to advertise my business.

Then came Peggy!! To know her personally and to know of her incredible talent with technology is a marvel - and a godsend for us! I asked her to create something to highlight our business here in Ontario and to make it easy and accessible for thousands to use....including me.

I have not been disappointed - I got a call the other day about our menu and location from someone from out of town. She found us on the internet simply by searching for Cafes in Central Ontario, Lake Huron to be specific. She is a huge customer already!!

When you begin a new business the mountain of work ahead is mind-boggling. Webpages are not my forte, so look for an expert. I guarantee - absolutely guarantee you will not be disappointed with the service, contact, ideas and passion that Peggy possesses."

- Jayme Boyce
Artsee Cafe
Bayfield, Ontario

(please note - Art See Cafe has changed hands, so the current Art See website is no longer the site I created for Jayme)

Further note from Jayme, attached to 2nd payment cheque: (excerpt)
"Here is the second cheque to your fabulous company!! I so appreciate your work for us and we have had TONS of people come to the café because of the web page..."

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You have been absolutely amazing to work with. I can't thank you enough for your patience! The site is fun, clear, effective. I must say, you did a great job on interpreting what I wanted for those darned program pages! I enjoyed working with you immensely and am very proud of what we accomplished.
Where do we go from here?"

-- Debbie Rowe
web design liaison
Red Deer Synchronized Swim Club

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"I was selling my house by owner and I thought a website would be a great way to get good coverage.  I heard about Charlotte’s Web Sites Inc. through a site Peg had built to sell her own home, and decided to have her do up a web site for me.  I was really impressed, as the website was professionally done including a write-up of my home, pictures, slide show, a directional map, etc.  The website was easy to access and I had a lot of positive comments from friends and family.   Anytime I needed any changes it was never a problem, the company was fast and really friendly.  I would recommend Charlotte’s Web Sites to anyone looking at creating a new website.  That area is not everyone’s forte, so let’s leave it to the experts. 

Thanks again to Charlotte’s Web Site for all your help, I feel that it was a useful tool to advertise my home."

Treena Miller
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"Thanks Peg the site is truly AWESOME. Thank you for all your hard work.
- by the way... someone found it on google without even really knowing that it existed.
• THE WEB SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
• "The whole thing looks AWESOME."
• "Very Professional looking, good sound, lots of good information etc etc."
• "It is by far one of, if not the best website of this kind that I have seen on line."
• "A well planned and thought out web site. I don't think it could have been done any better!!
• Dave got some great feedback from (the guys at work) "AWESOME, COOL, WOW......" I am sure half the people from highways are listening to our songs as we speak!!!!
• We have heard nothing but absolute AWSOME things about the web site. People are really impressed!! Dave (the drummer) thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread and Tom (vocals, acoustic guitar) said it was pretty impressive. He posted a link on face book and has had a lot of positive comments about it. Dave is still getting phone calls at work from people who have been on it to tell him how WONDERFUL it is.
• Is there someway we can promote you on it?? I know your name is on the bottom but I am not sure that most people understand that that mean you built it. We would be totally ok with mentioning you somewhere is a side banner extra page whatever you think would work. We'd like the world to know how easy and fun you are to work with, always with good humor and immediate and personal attention, as if we were your only clients! Thanks again!”
Debbie & Dave Norman
Cashback Music

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Within three weeks of publishing Debbie's Picture It's personalized gifts website (which has since become Economy Stationery, still maintained by Peg), Debbie received and completed 2 on-line orders from Montreal, and one from New Jersey, USA, which is almost thirty-five hundred kilometers away!! Shortly thereafter, she received orders from Pennsylvania and Denmark!

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"I had never ordered anything on-line before but with the ease of use at Debbie's Picture It, I was able to place an order with no problem, and with only 8 days till Christmas, I got the product in time so now I shop on line all the time!" - 'Andy' - Kindersley SK

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"I had just started up a small side business, and was looking into getting a website made. I asked around my family to see if anyone knew of someone that designed sites. That's when my mom got me in touch with Peg.

I always have Canadian/Saskatchewan pride, so having someone local build my site meant a lot to me. It was great to know that Peg was from a small town in Saskatchewan, in the same general area I'm from.

I don't think Peg (or myself) knew how involved my site would become, but she did a great job keeping the mountains of images and information in order. With her creative flair Peg transformed all of my raw material into a very classy, professional easy to use site.
Peg exceeded my expectations of what I thought my site could be by a long shot! She's very friendly, professional, but yet down to earth, and has a good sense of humor!! It sure was a great experience from start to finish, and I definitely enjoyed working with Peg every minute! Thanks for all your hard work Peg!"
Jeremi Skelton 
Monarch Images 
Delisle, SK

Jeremi has since moved to Asquith and become busy enough with his full time job and two children that he has temporarily halted his sideline of building custom scouting cameras.

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"Our local community has made great contributions to our business but it just isn’t large enough to sustain the amount of business that we need to do. But by having the wonderful web site that we do, we have opened ourselves up to the new shopping trends of the whole world.

The places listed are only some of the ones that have purchased items from us .. there are a lot more customers that wander through our site and then come in to see us and buy when they get here.

Having a great ever changing, ever growing, and informative web site thanks to Peg Riou has made all the difference in the world to Riches Antiques and Collectibles in small town, Rosetown, Saskatchewan. Below is a list of some of our online customers who ordered from us within the first few months, which we obviously would not have without our wonderful website.”

Royal Oak, MIchigan
Sarasota, Florida
Athabasca, Alberta
Oakville, Ontario
Pearl River, Louisianna
Tiverton, Rhode Island
Minoh-City, Osaka Japan
Highland Park, Illinois
Courtney, British Columbia
Redmond, Washington
El Cajon, California
New Milford, Conneticutt
Sequin, Texas
Athens, Tennesee
Waterloo, Iowa
McBride, British Columbia
Portland, Oegaon
Ghana, Africa

- Rich Matheson

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"Peg...I want to thank you for the great job you did with our website. You made the whole process so easy for us. We knew we needed to get into the "web age",but didn't know where to start. You handled everything from domain to design. It was absolutely trouble free for us. Your 'nothing is too tough' attitude just amazed me. Thanks again for helping us out."
Terry Peterson
Midwest Tire Ltd
Rosetown SK